The build object $Build provides access to the properties of the current build.

NameDescriptionTypeUsage Example
BuildNumberA zero-based auto-incremented integer allocated to the current build (the first build will be build 0, the second build 1, etc)Integer$Build.BuildNumber$100
CreatedThe date and time when the build was createdDateTime$Build.Created$"01/01/2019 5:03:18 PM"
DurationA set of time periods associated with the current buildBuild Durations$Build.Duration.Total$ "5 seconds"
ErrorAndWarningLogMessages *A list of error and warning messages in the build logLog Messages Collection$Build.ErrorAndWarningLogMessages.IsEmpty()$True
FirstSharedResourceLabelA description of the first shared resource label acquired by the current buildString$Build.FirstSharedResourceLabel$"Server.Testing.Server.QuotaList.A: 1 read lock"
HasErroredStagesHave any errors occurred in any stages of the current build?Boolean$Build.HasErroredStages$ False
HasFailedStagesHave any stages of the current build failed?Boolean$Build.HasFailedStages$False
HasNewChangesIs the current build associated with any new repository changesets which have not previously been built by another build for the same configuration?Boolean$Build.HasNewChanges$True
HasSuccessfulStagesHave any stages of the current build been successful?Boolean$Build.HasSuccessfulStages$True
HasWarningsHave any warnings been logged during the current build?Boolean$Build.HasWarnings$ True
IdA unique integer allocated automatically to this buildInteger$Build.Id$10
IssueIdsA comma-delimited list of issue ids associated with the current buildString$Build.IssueIds$"123,234"
IsFeatureBranchBuildThis expression is set to true when a build is triggered via a Repository Trigger on a non-default branchBoolean$Build.IsFeatureBranchBuild$True
LastSharedResourceLabelA description of the most recent shared resource label acquired by the current buildString$Build.LastSharedResourceLabel$"Server.Testing.Server.QuotaList.B: 1 read lock"
LinkUrlThe URL to the build details pageString$Build.LinkUrl$"http://servername/New_Project_1/ci/builds/view/123"
MetricsA reference object to access to any metrics recorded by build actionsMetrics$Build.Metrics.See Metrics
PriorityThe priority given to the build when it was started ("Low", "Normal" or "High")String$Build.Priority$"High"
SharedResourceLabelsA comma-delimited list of shared resource labels acquired by the current buildString$Build.SharedResourceLabels$"Server.Testing.Server.QuotaList.A: 1 read lock", "Server.Testing.Server.QuotaList.B: 1 read lock"
SharedResourcesA list of shared resources acquired by the current buildShared Resources$Build.SharedResources.See Shared Resources
StagesA list of build stages Stages Collection$Build.Stages.See Stages Collection
StartCommentThe first comment logged during the buildString$Build.StartComment$"this is a comment"
StartedThe date and time when the first build stage started executingDateTime$Build.Started$"01/01/2019 5:04:32 PM"
StartedByA reference to the user who initiated the buildUser$Build.StartedBy$""
TailLogMessages *The last fifty messages in the build logLog Messages Collection$Build.TailLogMessages.First().Type$"Error"
VersionA reference to the build versionVersion$Build.Version$

  • ErrorAndWarningLogMessages and TailLogMessages are only available in build event handler fields.
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