This table lists the events which Build Event Handlers can be attached to and provides a description of when each one is triggered as part of the build process. This is the full list of events, each build event handler type may restrict which events can be selected or in the case the Update GitHub Status build event handler will automatically select the relevant events.

Build eventWhen triggeredCan select stageCan select build status
On Build CreatedWhen a new build is initialised, after checking repositories, associating changesets and creating workspace folder, but before stages are initialised and build is queued.NoNo
On Before Build QueuedBefore a new build is added to the build queue, after initialising build and stages, but before configuration conditions are checked.NoNo
On Before Build StartBefore a build is started, once conditions are checked and build is removed from queue .NoNo
On After Build StartedAfter build is started, build version allocated and repository cache is updated to the latest revision.NoNo
On Before Stage StartBefore a specified stage is started, after licence has been allocated and agent reserved.YesNo
On Sending Stage To AgentBefore stage is sent to an agent for execution, after checking agent is online and setting up build log.YesNo
On Stage CompletedOnce stage has completed and has not been stopped, after updating any unit test metrics.YesYes
On Build Pending PromotionWhen build is paused pending promotion to the next stageNoNo
On Before Build ContinueWhen build is paused pending promotion to the next stageNoNo
On After Build ContinuedBefore a build is continues after promotion, once conditions are checked and build is removed from queue.NoNo
On Build StoppingWhen build stop has been requested either manually by a user or by a Stop action.NoNo
On Build CompletedWhen build has completed, either successfully or on failure, after build statistics are updated and workspace cleaned up.NoYes

Some events are related to a stages and will allow selection of a Stage. Some events can be set to trigger depending on whether the Build Status indicates that the build is Successful or Failed\

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