Repository URL

The URL or Path to your Bazaar repository.


  • S:\bazaar_repo
  • \\server\share\bazaar_repo


The username required to login to the Bazaar server.


The password required to login to the Bazaar server.

Write changeset details to file

Tick to write changeset details to the file "_CI_ChangesetDetails.xml" after checking out each changeset.


The Using drop down is populated with any property collector whose namespace matches the pattern defined by the Bazaar plugin. The pattern for this action is ^bazaar\..*

If you create a property collector for this action, make sure you select the Path Finder PlugIn type and give it a name that will match the pattern above in blue. Example names listed here, search the table's Plugin column for "Bazaar".

For more in-depth explanations on property collectors see Property Collectors.

Alternatively, you can select the Custom option from the Using drop down list and specify a path in the resulting input field that will be displayed. Please read Why it's a good idea to use a property collector before using this option.

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