The Type Library Importer converts the type definitions found within a COM type library into equivalent definitions in a common language runtime assembly. The output of Tlbimp.exe is a binary file (an assembly) that contains runtime metadata for the types defined within the original type library. You can examine this file with tools such as Ildasm.exe.

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Files & Options


Type Library Name

The type library from which to generate a common runtime assembly from. 

Assembly Output File

The name of the output file for the generated assembly. 


Resource ID

When importing a type library from a module containing multiple libraries specify a resource ID which will be attached to the type library file. The resulting file should be located in the same path as the original type library. 

Produce interfaces without runtime security checks

The produced interfaces will not have .NET Framework security checks added. 

Produce a primary interop assembly

Specify to signal that a primary interop assembly should be generated. When used, publisher information is added to the generated assembly. 

Import SAFEARRAY as System.Array

Signals that COM SafeArrays should be imported as the System.Array Class type.  

Apply the [out, retval] parameter transformation to methods of disp only interfaces

Specify to transform out parameters of methods into return values on the generated assembly. Only occurs on dispatch interfaces. 


The namespace the generated assembly will use. 

Version Number of Assembly 

The version number the generated assembly will use. In the format

Framework Version

Use default framework version (vX.X) / Use vX.X

Allows the selection of the .NET version to use for the tool. The minimum is .NET v2.0.

Use 64-bit tools

This options specifies as whether to force the usage of 64-bit tools on a 64-bit system or not.  As FinalBuilder is currently a 32-bit application it will default to running the 32-bit version on a 64-bit system.  Check this option if you require the 64-bit version to be run.



Specifies the assemblies to use for resolution of types defined out of the current type library. If none are specified then all external type libraries are recursively imported. 

Only use assemblies specified here

Specify to restrict the import to only use type libraries that are specified or that can be resolved without requiring an import. 

Strong Name

Strong Name

Public Key File

The file containing the public key for signing the produced assembly. 

Key File

The file containing the public/private key pair for signing the produced assembly. 

Key Container

The container that holds the public/private key pair for signing the produced assembly. 

Delay Sign

Whether to delay the signing of the produced assembly. 


Logging Options

The type library importer banner will not appear in the build log. 

Display extra information 

The type library importer will report as much information as possible into the build log. 

Suppress all output except errors

The type library importer will report nothing to the build log.  

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