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The Assembly Linker generates a file with assembly manifest. The source files can be either modules (MSIL files without assembly manifests) or resource files.


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Working Folder

The folder from which the AL.EXE command will be run. This allows for easier referencing of source files in the AL command through relative paths. 

AL.EXE command line options

The parameters to pass to AL.EXE. This can take the following form:

  • sources options

The source can be specified in the following three ways:

  • file[,target]
  • /embed[resource]:file[,name[,private]]
  • /link[resource]:file[,name[,target[,private]]]

Due to the complexity of this tool and the number of options available we currently allow direct access to the command arguments. These can be found on the MSDN website located here AL.EXE

Framework Version

Use default framework version (vX.X) / Use vX.X

Allows the selection of the .NET version to use for the tool. The minimum is .NET v2.0.

Use 64-bit tools

This options specifies as whether to force the usage of 64-bit tools on a 64-bit system or not.  As FinalBuilder is currently a 32-bit application it will default to running the 32-bit version on a 64-bit system.  Check this option if you require the 64-bit version to be run.

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