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The PropertySet load from INI file action will read the values of your property set from an INI file.

Load From INI


Select the property set which you want to load.

Load from INI file settings

INI file

The INI file to load the PropertySet from.


The INI file section in which to load the PropertySet values


Fail if INI file or section not found

The action will fail if the INI file doesn't exists or if the Section doesn't exist in the INI file.

PropertySet Default Values

Default Values


The name of the property to set. The check mark to the left of this field will have a cross appear in it to signal that this property is being altered when the action is run. 

Set to value

The value to set the property to. The value can be text or a variable expression. If an expression is used it will be expanded at runtime.  

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