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Use the PropertySet define action to create a new property set for your build.

Define PropertySet

Property set type

The Property Set Type lists all available property sets.  Property sets are registered with FinalBuilder by certain action packages.  See Property Sets for the list of registered Property sets.

Property set name

Give your property set a name, the name must not contain blanks.

As soon as the PropertySet action has been added to your project and given a name, the PropertySet is available to other actions in your project (eg. in the Delphi action to set the version information).

If you change the name of a property set, you'll need to update any actions in your project which reference the PropertySet, as the reference is done via the PropertySet's name.

Properties to include

Each property set type contains a list of properties. By default, all of these properties are included in the set. It is also possible to "trim down" a PropertySet by excluded some properties. In the screenshot above, the "CompanyName", "OriginalFileName" and "ProductName" are excluded from the set. This allows you to "mix and match" properties, setting some from the PropertySet but leaving others with their default values.

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