FinalBuilder Property Sets are a group of values which belong together.  A common use of property sets is to use them for the version information for compilers as the version information consists of a set of integer values, eg. Major, Minor, Release, Build.  In most cases these four values need to be treated as one, eg. Load from INI, apply to compiler, use them to generate a filename, Save to INI.  But in other cases a single property of the property set might be singled out (eg. to increment the Build number).


There are a set of actions which deal with Property sets:

PropertySet define

PropertySet load from INI file

PropertySet load from Registry

PropertySet load from FBD

PropertySet save to INI file

PropertySet save to Registry

PropertySet save to FBD

PropertySet increment value

PropertySet log values

PropertySet assign properties

PropertySet to Variable


In all cases the property set needs to be defined, so use a PropertySet define action at the start of your build.  Once the PropertySet define action has been added to your build, the other PropertySet actions can access the named property set.


A common practise would be to load a property set at the beginning of the build, possibly increment a property, use the property set in various actions, and then at the end of the build save the property set if the build was successfully.  Property sets can be saved and loaded from INI files, the system Registry, or the Accessing PropertySets for more information.


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