The project tree displays the following information:

  • Project file information, such as name, location, author, and remarks.
  • All the action lists in your project
  • Nodes for the Project Global Script
  • All the project, user, system and environment variables for your project


Add a new Target by right clicking any Target and choosing "Add Target..."

To reorder Targets:

  • Press Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down on an action list.
  • Right click an action list and select "Move Action List Up/Down".
  • Select an action list and click up the up or down button on the project toolbar.

Project Global Scripts

To open a Project Global Script:

  • Double click the node (VBScript, JavaScript, or PowerShell)
  • Click the toolbar button
  • Right click a global script node and select "Edit Global Scripts"


To add a variable, right click Variables and select "Add Variable"

To edit a variable, right click it and select "Edit Variable", or double click it.

To open the Edit Variables dialogue, select "Edit Variables" from any variable's context menu, or click the Toolbar icon.

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