The Git Create Branch action allows you to create a new branch. This action is a wrapper for the git command line. For more information on the use and options for this action, refer to the git branch command line documentation

To create a new branch enter the path to a local Git working folder for the Local repository and specify the New branch name

Local repository - Path to the working folder of the local git repository.

New branch name - A name for the new branch to create. The name must be well-formed according to the refname format.

Start point - Set the new branch to point to a commit by providing a commit id, branch name or a tag.

Quiet - Suppress output from git.

Verbose - Verbose output from git.

Track - When creating the branch, setup the configuration to mark the start-point for the branch as upstream from the new branch.

No track - Do not setup upstream configuration, even if the branch.autosetupmerge configuration variable is true.

Force - If the branch name already exists, reset the branch name to the start point. Without this option the git branch command refuses to change an existing branch.

For more information on creating a branch in git, see the git branch command line documentation

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