ATCMD is a text mode version of Automise which can run projects from the command line.  It is installed in the Automise directory.  

ATCMD can be faster at executing than the IDE, as the IDE has more visual overhead.

Command Line Syntax

The command line syntax for ATCMD is as follows:

ATCMD.EXE <ProjectFile> [options]






The Automise project file




Output messages to text file instead of console.




Redirect Mode, O : overwrite, N : do not overwrite, A : Append




Parameter file. Specify a file which contains all command line options to use.




 Write all exceptions to the log.




Allow interactive actions.




Quiet mode. Only log build start, end and errors.




Silent mode. Nothing is written out to the log.




Suppress product banner in output.




Export Log to a file at the end of the build (file extension determines format)




Disable hierarchical logging.




Validate project before execution.-vp



Ignore all system message (eg. Ctrl-C, Shutdown)-ic



Close project if open in the IDE (see ATCMD help topic.-co



Forcibly close project if open in the IDE (use with caution).-cf



Log to a temporary log file.-tl

-Action Lists:<Action Lists>

-t:<Action Lists>

List of Action Lists to run from the project. More than one Action List can be included by seperating with a semi-colon.




Packages to load for running the FinalBuidler project. Each entry should be seperated by a semi-colon. Overrides the packages set to load in the Automise options.




Set Automise variables, in the form VarName=VarValue. The variables must be already defined Project or User variables. Separate multiple name/value pairs with semicolons. If the variable value contains spaces, enclose it in quotes.

-v:MyVar="Some Text"



Don't output selected message types to the console. T : Action List start/stop messages, A : Action start messages, M : Action output messages.


See Also

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