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Before reading this page, it is highly recommended you read the Triggers page.

Build Completed Triggers allow you to queue a build once another build has finished executing. This essentially allows you to daisy chain your builds and create a link between builds.

Build Completed Trigger Options

This section describes the Build Completed Trigger options. Visit the Triggers page for information regarding options such as 'Build Priority and 'Force Repository Check', which are shared by all trigger types.


This property specifies which configuration should trigger a build. Any configuration can be used as the trigger, including configurations in other projects.

Note that a user can only assign a configuration to this property if they have view access for that configuration.

Only Trigger When

This option allows you to specify the conditions by which this build will be triggered. Here you can set whether this configuration should be triggered when another build either finishes successfully or fails to build. Alternatively, you can queue the build regardless of the original's build result.

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